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Looking for something unique for mom + baby?! Our resuable milestone sets are perfect for yourself or baby shower gifts. They can be reused over and over again, no matter how many children you plan to have. When not in use, numbers + letters can be stored on the refriegerator to show off photos.


Reusable numbers + letter sets come with everything you need for 0-44 weeks of pregnancy photos, plus 1-24 months of use with baby!

Milestone Set

SKU: 0037
  • Letter dimensions are approximately 1.5" high and .25" thick. Their width varies, depending on the letter itself (imagine the I vs a W). The numbers are each 3.5" high and their width also varies.

    Letters and numbers come speckled with various colors; each will vary in colors and looks as each piece of plastic used is different. No two are alike. Occasional small bubbles may be apparent in the letters; we choose to think of them as bubbles from the sea!

    These should not be used as toys.

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