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***Remaining holiday bookmarks will be clear with white tassles. Please see our Instagram or Facebook posts for how each will look!***

You may forget what you ate for breakfast, but you'll never forget where you left off in your book! Choose from a white back or clear.

Tassle colors may vary within each order. Please note within our Custom Text field if there is a color we should 100% NOT use on your order. I.E. - if it's for your dad and he hates pink, we won't send pink. Unless pink is his favorite color, then rock on! We cannot guarantee desired color choices but we will sure try our darndest.


SKU: 0016
  • Dimensions are approximately 1" wide x 5.5" high. Tassle color will vary, but each is chosen to best match the plastic pieces inside.

    Bookmarks come speckled with various colors; each will vary in colors and looks since each piece of plastic used is different. No two are alike!

    Occasional small bubbles may be apparent in each; we choose to think of them as bubbles from the sea!

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