​How Do I Place An Order?


You may order online, or by emailing first! Custom orders are welcome, and I'm happy to help answer any questions you have prior.

Do You Offer Shipping?


Yes, shipping is available! Most orders will ship for $5-$8, but additional shipping options or fees may be required. Please email prior to ordering to inquire about international shipping. If you're local to Kailua, I have a pickup location!

Do You Ship International or APO?

I will occasionally ship overseas or to APO addresses, but due to the special circumstances it takes to get the packages out the door, I require a minimum $100 purchase.

Can I Give You My Plastic?

Heck yes! I can not only repurpose it in many other orders, but also yours! Please email so we can coordinate the drop off or mailing of it.

What's Your Return Policy?

I currently do not accept returns or exchanges, but I will do everything I can to ensure you are happy with your purchase!

What Are Microplastics?


Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic, classified as 5 mm or smaller in diameter. If a piece of plastic garbage makes its way into our oceans, it will begin to break down slowly. Over time, it will break apart into smaller and smaller pieces. They pose a significant problem to our sea creatures who mistake these pieces as food. In most cases, the animals that ingest too much will die.

What Are These Letters Made Of?


My letters are made using the small pieces of plastics that have washed ashore. Most don't imagine Hawaii's beaches looking like they do, but the majority of them are littered with these tiny plastic fragments. I combine these, along with resin and mini magnets to form each letter.


Are These Toys?


While I love the thought of little ones learning from my letters, I do not recommend them being used as toys. The magnets are individually, hand glued on and can pop off if abruptly hit. Various letters are also very small in size and can contain sharp edges. These are intended to be decorative, conversation pieces or unique souvenirs only.

Who Do You Donate The 15% To?

Thus far, organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation, Sustainable Coastlines, 808 Cleanups, The Center for Marine Debris Research, and Hawaii Marine Mammal Rescue.