Aloha, and welcome!


Hi there, it's Stephanie and Chelsea. These little letters (and other items) were the result of many beach cleanups, and a mission to find a new way to repurpose the millions of microplastics that wash onto our shores each year.

They are handmade using microplastics collected from beaches across Oahu! We often comb our Windward beaches together, finding treasures, exploring, and leaving spaces better than we found it.

With each purchase, we donate 15% back to various local beach and ocean conservation groups. There are SO many people doing wonderful work across our island and they continue to need supplies and materials to keep up their mission - your purchase directly helps to support them!


Donations are made annually, generally in December. In 2019, donations were made in conjunction with Patagonia's Action Works program, which matches donations dollar for dollar. That means that when we donated $1,000, Patagonia matched it and we were able to give our local groups $2,000! Incredible!